We all could use some encouragement right now. That’s why this is the perfect time to take to the streets (literally) with Love Your Block – an initiative for each of us to encourage our neighbors.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas:

  • Hand-deliver some homemade cookies or a fresh cup of coffee

  • Drop off some treats for their pets

  • Make them a handmade card

  • Sweep up their driveway, mow their lawn or bring in their trashcan

We’d love to see what you’re up to – tag us on social media to show us how YOU are loving your block.  

Love Your Block Resources

Download and print this Love Your Block map. As you get to know your neighbors, fill in the map and save as a reminder!

This book by our friend Shauna Pilgreen is a great resource for how to “Love Where You Live.”

Need more ideas on how you can Love Your Block? Check out this list or this site for some inspiration!

Download your wallpaper now!

Pick your favorite or download them all! Right click on the image to download. Set it as your phone wallpaper or share on social!