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21000 Southwest Freeway
Richmond, Tx 77469


West End Church has a pastor available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergencies.

Call 281.277.6767 ex. 190 Or text 832-767-9600
Leave a message and a pastor will contact you promptly.

Staff Directory

All Campuses

Senior Founding Pastor

Sarah Smith
Senior Pastor's Assistant
281.277.6767 x219
Patrick Kelley
Lead Pastor
Business Office

Dean King
Executive Pastor
281.277.6767 x220
Bayne Hulburt
Associate Pastor
281.277.6767 x404
Hannah Pickrell
Executive Assistant
281.277.6767 x238

Terri Odem
281.277.6767 x229
Beth Harborth
Accounts Payable
281.277.6767 x106
Kyra Cartwright
Database Administrator
281.277.6767 x214

Kylie Baker
Contributions Director
281.277.6767 x107
Missions & Care Ministry

Chap. Dr. Bobby V. Page BGEN, USAF (Ret.)
Missions & Care Ministry Pastor
281.277.6767 x204
Kirsten Hauenstein
Missions & Care Administrative Assistant
281.277.6767 x218
Terrace Clayton
Missions Ministry Pastor
281.277.6767 x204

Jonathan Kelley
Facilities Executive Director
281.277.6767 x112
Patti Castro
Facilities Assistant
281.277.6767 x231

Laura Timmons
Wedding Coordinator
281.277.6767 x102
Worship & Creative Arts

Nolan Burke
Music Director
281.277.6767 x137
Jenny Haines
Worship & Creative Arts Administrative Assistant
281.277.6767 x130
Erika Salvide
Comunications Director
281.277.6767 x142


Guest Connections
No people found
Small Groups

Tanya Whitaker
Small Groups Pastor
281.277.6767 x245
Jamie Busch
Director of Assimilation
281.277.6767 x225
Tanya Cisneros
Small Groups Administrative Assistant
281.277.6767 x237
Student Ministry

Jared Pickrell
Student Pastor
281.277.6767 x116
Agnes Raharjo
High School Director
281.277.6767 x117
Children's Ministry

Wendi Akers
Special Needs Director
Carol Henderson
Children's Ministry Assistant
281.277.6767 x109

Wendi Akers
Special Needs Director
Alex Jones
IFit Coordinator - Special Needs Ministry
281.277.6767 x221

Missouri City

Lead Pastor

Nathan Bryant
Lead Pastor
281.277.6767 x401
Tarina Sheridan
Lead Pastor's Assistant
281.277.6767 x402
Student Ministry

Pharris Garcia
Student Pastor
281.277.6767 x405
Children's Ministry
No people found

West End

Campus Contacts

Keaton Kelley
Campus Director
Michaele Leathers
Ministry Coordinator
281.277.6767 x501
Alyssa Kelley
Children's Director
281.277.6767 x502