Questions about baptism?

We celebrate believer’s baptism at West End. What is “believer’s baptism”? That means anyone who has accepted Christ, but hasn’t been baptized, is invited to participate and be baptized. You don’t have to be a member of West End to be baptized, and you don’t have to be baptized to be a member at West End. This is the perfect time to take the next step in your faith journey and join many others who will be baptized as well. Open the Baptism FAQ’s document below to check out commonly asked questions about getting baptized at West End.

Baptism FAQ

How can I learn more about baptism?

You can find out more about baptism and what scripture says about it by attending our next Baptism Conversation. We’d love to have a conversation with you about this decision you are considering. The conversations are held the weekend prior to baptism. You can sign up for a conversation or get more information by clicking the appropriate link below.

For more information or to sign up for baptism, fill out the form below.

What does West End believe about baptism?

The Bible clearly teaches that baptism is the first step of obedience after making a commitment to Christ. Baptism allows a believer to communicate to the world their heartfelt commitment to Christ. People often have questions regarding baptism: Why should I be baptized? I’ve already been baptized. Do I have to do it again? Does it matter if someone is sprinkled or dunked? Baptism is a symbolic event that allows a Christian to express publicly that he is a follower of Jesus. Baptism symbolizes what happens to us when we become Christians. Entering the pool represents leaving your old life behind. When we become Christians, we give control of our lives to God. In doing so, we agree to follow His lead and do what He asks us to do. Getting baptized was not only something Jesus did, but something that He asks all believers to do.