You’re Invited to Our GRAND OPENING November 6




  • West End Grand Opening - Sunday, November 6

    Be a part of history as we open the newly renovated building! Our first ever morning service at 10am followed by a very special dedication service at 5pm. 802 Shepherd 10am & 5pm

  • Free Kick-Off Concert | West End Band - Sunday, November 6

    Bring your friends to church, then stay for the best live music in town! 802 Shepherd at 7pm


West End Church Revitalizes Houston Inner Loop Community

Houston, Texas (September 2016) – River Point Church (RPC), a nondenominational church, announces the completion of West End Church for November 6, 2016. This new campus of River Pointe Church was made possible by the West End Baptist Church congregation’s selfless donation of three buildings and much sought-after land is located at the epicenter of Houston at 802 Shepherd Drive. To complete the merger, RPC has renovated and restored these original buildings to new glory.

“Instead of selling the property for a huge profit, these people did something noble. By voting to merge with River Pointe Church to create West End Church, they are continuing a legacy that began over 100 years ago and is bigger than all of us,” said Patrick Kelley, Lead Pastor of River Pointe Church. Kelley, who founded RPC in Richmond, Texas in 1996, saw the need to bring their unique brand of ministry into the heart of Houston and began holding services at the Moran Fine Arts Center at the corner of Memorial Drive and Shepherd. “It’s unusual for churches to come into the city from the suburbs because there is such a high cost, non-profits are actually being pushed further out. We weren’t sure where our permanent home would be but we felt this growing community needed and wanted a place to worship.”

The buildings, which required complete renovation will be used for ministries, concerts and to help revitalize the community and its people. The renovations include a new center aisle, restored original brick and wooden pews, wood ceiling, new mechanical operations, and state of the art video and sound system while maintaining the architectural integrity of the buildings as much as possible. The courtyard features the cornerstone of one of the original buildings that dated back to 1924, and a custom crafted fountain to honor the legacy of the ministry.

West End Church attracts the younger generation, especially those located in the Washington Corridor, with traditional architecture, a contemporary sound with music performed by some of the best musicians in the city and messages that deal with real life issues. “We live in a post-denominational age; typically, once people leave home they leave the church. Now millennials are leading the way in saying they want something familiar, casual and authentic and that’s what we are all about,” said Kelley.

About West End Church:
West End Church, located at 802 Shepherd Drive, was born on August 28th, 2015 when the congregations of River Pointe Church (RPC), named one of the fastest growing churches in America by Outreach Magazine and West End Baptist Church (WEBC) both voted unanimously to merge. In merging, WEBC gave RPC their buildings and property, which created a brand new opportunity to have a positive impact on the surrounding community with a Grand Opening scheduled for Sunday, November 6, 2016. For more information, please email